06: Ward Churchill

This week we talk action, tactics, indigenous cosmology, COINTELPRO, and separate fantasy from reality with long time member of the American Indian Movement, scholar, author, and activist, Ward Churchill.

05: Scott Crow

We’re back!!! Today, we have a great return episode for you. I’ve been wanting to speak with this guy for a long time, and we finally got down to it. Scott Crow, is an organizer, author, teacher, and fighter, who has worked tirelessly for liberation and justice since he was a teenager. He was one of the founders of the Common Ground Collective which provided aid to tens of thousands of people after Hurricane Katrina.

04: Abby Martin

Had a blast talking to radical journalist, artist, and friend, Abby Martin, this week. We dug through the rubble of post-election reality, and peered, terrified into the future of what Trumpworld has in store. Here’s a hint: it’s Fascism. We also talked about her amazing docu-series The Empire Files, including her recent trip to cover the plight of the Palestinian people. We barely scratched the surface, but could have talked for hours. She’ll be back, but until then, enjoy.

03: Eleanor Goldfield

So happy to have my friend, and badass activist, musician, Eleanor Goldfield on the show. 

We have a really cool conversation about politics in music, misogyny in the record industry, and the feminist argument against Hillary Clinton’s brand of Neo-Liberal fuckery. We also tackle the idea that voting against the two-party system is somehow an endorsement of its worst outcomes. Good times.

02: Lee Camp

Lee Camp is a standup comedian of 15 years, an activist, and the anchor of Redacted Tonight. I’ve been friends with Lee for a little over two years. We have cool discussions about ideas, and the world, so I thought it would be cool to pick his brain about this insane political year, holding radical beliefs in the space of the comedic sphere, lesser evilism, and the absurdity of elections when you don’t count the votes. 

01: John F. O’Donnell

John F. O’Donnell is a standup comedian of 14 years. He’s one of the chief correspondents, a writer, and performer on ReDacted Tonight on RT America. He has a lot of brilliant things to say in this episode, while discussing everything from satire’s role in culture, American Sniper, this fucked up election, and his own passion for the world, and comedy. Enjoy, friends.